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About Us

Cart 2 Curb Ltd was founded by 5 local colleagues in April 2020 in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 that placed us into lockdown and furloughed us from previous jobs. Seeing the constant growth of home delivery services even prior to COVID-19, and its explosive growth since, we realized that there was a gap in the established home delivery services for many local businesses that either couldn’t afford to pivot online or pay the exorbitant fees that the larger corporations were charging to provide home delivery.

Simultaneously we came across many customers that were unhappy with the status quo of ordering items online only to receive orders that were rife with product omissions or unplanned substitutions and only being able to order from big box retailers and nationwide chain stores.

In order to combat these scenarios we have been constantly meeting with and adding local partner stores for you to shop from, at a fraction of the cost of the bigger guys, allowing you to stay home, save time and support local!

Since these stores have worked hard to create that ideal shopping experience for you, we established LiveCart, our real-time live streaming shopping experience, in August of 2020 to bring you back into those stores while staying safe at home. We will always strive to bring the store to your door!

Our Goal

We aim to be the leader in connecting you to the local stores you love! Supporting local businesses keeps money in our communities and employs our friends and neighbours so making it more accessible for you to provide that support is what we are all about. We’re going to go the distance to make sure we can bring the store to your door!