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At Cart 2 Curb we connect you with the area stores and shops you love.  We’re all about supporting our community so we offer personal shopping services from virtually any store in Waterloo Region and Guelph.  Save time waiting in lines, dealing with traffic, transit, and weather, and stay safe at home while still supporting local businesses.  Spend your time on what matters to you and let us take some of the errands and runaround off your list.  Check out our partner stores below or fill out a custom order to send us anywhere you like!

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Convenience – We can do simple orders to full shopping lists and get it to your home in 2 hours or less.  Multiple stops?  We can do that!  Scheduled, contactless delivery?  Absolutely!  Free your time up and get it delivered!

Low Transparent Pricing – No matter where we shop it’s always $10 + 5% of the products you want us to buy ($5 for additional stops) and we’ll send you the receipt every time.  That means, unlike some competitors, you always get the sale price, store discounts and promotions, with no hidden fees!

Supporting Local – We can shop at all the big chain stores, but we love bringing your business back to local stores too!  We’re partnering with more stores every week to let you support them directly with none of the massive fees our competitors charge them to provide home delivery.  Stay home and support local, it’s a win-win!

LiveCart – We know you like to shop, we do too!  We also know it’s frustrating ordering things online and not knowing or getting exactly what you added to the cart.  That’s why we’re letting you into the experience even if you’re at home with LiveCart, our real-time live-streaming shopping service, included with all orders!  You can talk to your shopper, add items you forgot on your list, make substitutions, check the product quality, examine expiry dates and more, as it happens!  Join in the fun or leave it to us, the choice is yours with LiveCart.


The easiest way for you is the best way for us! Many of our partner stores have listed their products with us directly for you to click and add to your cart (click on their logo below to take you there) or you can fill out the form below with your custom order for any store in the region. We’ll reach out once it’s received and confirm your list, our availability and, if you want to watch the shopping in real-time with LiveCart, which video service is best for you (Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc). Alternatively, you can call or text your order to our local number, 548-883-CART (2278), email it to sales@https://cart2curb.ca or message/DM us on our Facebook or Instagram pages. When we’re done shopping, our dispatch team will send you a picture of the store receipt and the total with the delivery and service fee and you can tell us what payment method works best for you: we currently accept debit/credit at the door, Interac e-transfer, secure online credit card payment, or exact cash.



“No Car, No food, No problem. Called Cart2Curb (548-883-2278) and my grandkids placed an order! The Cart2Curb person went to the store for us, and once there connected us via Skype. We were then able to pick out exactly what we wanted. All was delivered to the door within the hour. What a great service in time of need! ”

Marian M

“I used Cart2Curb’s service with the livecart option and found it fascinating. It was nice to be able to converse with the shopper, and instruct him which items to get, and get the sale priced items. Also, it’s great to be able to throw in items that I forgot last minute! With the surge in cases lately, and the cold weather rolling in I will definitely be using their services again.”

Shannon Bell

“5/5 Cart2curb is hands down my favourite delivery service. They are always so friendly, efficient, and able to handle my last minute changes. My busy schedule between work as a nurse and online schooling for my kids makes this service such a life saver! Will use again and again! Highly recommended especially for front line workers because delivery is FREE! Thank you Cart2curb for making my single-mom life so much easier! <3”



St.Jacobs Farmers Market, Kitchener Market, Flower Shops, Zehrs, Costco, Chapters, Best Buy, Home Depot
... or tell us your favourite store, and we’ll go there too!


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